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About ERM

Explosive Risk Management comprises of specialist subject matter experts from defence, security and policing backgrounds fused with academics and key specialists providing capability and resilience to our clients across the four main streams of our business. Formed in 2009, Explosive Risk Management has worked with clients ranging from governments and large commercial organisations and infrastructure operating companies to specialist military and Police units. We provide scalable solutions putting client satisfaction first on every project. 

Focus: Explosive Risk Management has listed clients in 36 countries and is focused on mitigating threats to our clients by reducing risk and increasing resilience through consultancy, training and product provision. 

Credibility: Explosive Risk Management is passionate about quality and service, applies consistent and strict quality standards to all products and services. ERM is also a member of the UK Carbon Smart Scheme dedicated to reducing of the environmental impact of our business. The company is a registered supplier for the UK Ministry of Defence, the United Nations and NATO.

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  • Defence & Security

    Consultancy, training solutions and specialist equipment provision, providing resilience to meet the threat from terrorism countering IEDs and other hybrid threats at the strategic to tactical level.

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  • Ammunition & UXO

    A full range of technical services relating to Physical Security and Stockpile Management (PSSM), Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) survey, clearance and disposal and ammunition storage management and disposal.

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  • Risk & Resilience

    Specialist services reducing the risk to infrastructure, mass transit systems and business in fields from audit and compliance to threat reduction strategies and business continuity advisories.

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  • Virtual Training

    When face to face Virtual Training cannot be undertaken or personnel to be trained are dispersed in multiple locations, ERM delivers virtual training solutions.

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ERM offers a range of virtual training courses with assessment if required. Each course or session is designed to individual client requirements and standards. To learn more about virtual training please visit the Virtual Training Page. For enquiries regarding Virtual Training and E-learning, please contact us.