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  • Defence and Security

    Explosive Risk Management Ltd is a leading supplier of niche consultancy and training solutions delivered by globally respected subject matter experts. Our client list ranges from the UK Ministry of Defence to government departments in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our footprint is global with our specialists able to work in both permissive and non-permissive environments. Specialist solutions in consultancy and training range from capacity building at a national level to individually tailored courses in specialist subjects such as IED neutralisation. Explosive Risk Management Ltd also provides fully supported and integrated equipment solutions supported with specialist training that fuse the client’s requirements to capability and operating environment.

  • Project, Quality and Environmental Management

    Where required, Explosive Risk Management Ltd uses PRINCE2 or AGILE project management tools to effectively manage, control and deliver on time and on budget for individual projects or specific ERM project components on larger stakeholder projects. The company applies strict quality management process to all consultancy tasks and training courses. Being ISO 9001: 2008 registered ensures that our clients receive a measured and consistent level of service. As a company we are also aware of the environmental impact of our business activities and are committed as an organization to reduce this impact through accreditation and membership of the UK Carbon Smart Scheme.

  • Training

    Our training solutions and courses have been identified by our clients as being at the highest end of the spectrum because all of our instructors are operationally current, highly motivated and world respected, with extensive operational experience. All ERM instructors have been selected for employment with the company due to their recent service as senior instructional staff at their respective specialist military or police training schools. Our courses are delivered by instructors that draw upon their extensive subject matter expertise to highlight teaching points using their own experience and examples to ensure full understanding of both the theory and practical elements of each course.

  • UK Training Location

    We frequently deliver training at our specialist and discrete UK training locations in Hereford or Hampshire providing all life support, training equipment and facilities. In addition to these two locations, Explosive Risk Management Ltd delivers specialist explosives and ammunition training courses at its licensed explosives manufacturing and storage facility in Derbyshire. For UK delivered courses, the company supports all student requirements where required (transport, accommodation, subsistence and training) from arrival in the UK to departure post training.

  • Deployable Training Teams

    Explosive Risk Management frequently delivers training in a clients own country using our specialist deployable training teams. Our instructional teams have a wealth of experience and capability and work with the client through frequent engagement with stakeholders to ensure that training delivered meets exact requirements.

  • Equipment

    Explosive Risk Management Ltd is a supplier of integrated equipment and training solutions that allow a client a single source delivery option for equipment recommended by our specialist users not salesmen. This allows us to provide a wide range of the highest quality equipment, tools and products for applications where failure of equipment is simply not an option.

  • Training Aids

    Explosive Risk Management manufactures a wide range of IED and conventional munitions training aids for training or display purposes. Our IED training aids are current and mirror deployed global devices recovered. Our conventional munitions training aids are realistic and can be used for training or display purposes.
    Download Conventional Munitions Brochure
    Download IEDD Training Aids Brochure


  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
  • Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD)
  • Special Forces / SWAT IEDD
  • Home Made Explosives (HME)
  • Search
  • IEDD Threat Assessment
  • Sensitive Site Exploitation (WTI / WIT and advanced forensic procedures)
  • Forensic Electronics
  • Special Forces CT Operator
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
  • Ground Sign Awareness and Combat Tracking
  • Specialist Ammunition Technical and Management

Download Courses Brochure (English)
Download Courses Brochure (Arabic)


  • Capability development and capacity building
  • Policy and doctrine development
  • Counter-IED, and Counter-Threat
  • Force Protection
  • F3EAD
  • Attack the Network (AtN)
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Equipment Needs Analysis (Inc CONEMP and CONUSE)
  • Market research, product development and equipment trials
  • Ordnance Munitions and Explosives (OME)
  • CBRNe
  • Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)


ERM offers a range of virtual training courses with assessment if required. Each course or session is designed to individual client requirements and standards. To learn more about virtual training please visit the Virtual Training Page. For enquiries regarding Virtual Training and E-learning, please contact us.

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