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  • Risk and Resilience

    Explosive Risk Management Ltd understands risk at the highest levels and the resilience measures required for mitigation of risk to specific commercial sectors. We apply a comprehensive technical approach that fuses subject matter expertise with practical solutions to reduce risk and maximize resilience.

    We engage with clients to understand their perception of the risk to their organization / infrastructure from a wide range of threats mainly focused on criminal or terrorist activity. We quantify the current and developing threat and provide structured solutions that allow the client to make informed decisions.

    Architectural Project Support Services
    Explosive Risk Management delivers specialist advice at the design stage of any architectural concept in addition to identifying add-on security measures for existing designs or structures. Most modern commercial buildings utilize light and space often with large open plan spaces that should not feel closed in or restricted through excessive or obtrusive security measures. There are no real hard and fast rules to the solutions we recommend, but working with the client allows tailored and sensible measures to reduce identified security threats without impacting on design or function.

    Audit and Compliance Services
    We provide specialist services in audit and compliance to independently review existing policies and plans for auditors and commercial organizations alike. Explosive Risk Management Ltd provides accurate and independent audits of specialist counter terrorist and security related procedures in place within organizations from disaster recovery to mitigation and risk reduction measures. We also provide a service to companies prior to audit to ensure that compliance is maintained and risk reduction measures exist and are robust.

    Exercise Design and Response Testing
    Explosive Risk Management Ltd has extensive experience of designing multi-agency exercises to test responses, procedures and recovery from terrorist attacks. Our main area of focus for any exercise is to impartially test procedures, impart specialist knowledge relating to terrorist attack methodology for large incidents and increase resilience. Our exercises and Virtual Training are designed for compliance where relevant (COMAH Sites for critical national infrastructure) and focus of security and terrorist related incidents. Exercises range from simple ½ day table top scenario based exercises to more complex multi-incident or multi-agency response exercises. All exercises realistically test procedures through high pressure scenarios where required and we work with organizations to design scenarios that meet their exact requirement for testing. All of our exercise design and delivery staff have previously delivered similar functions within the police or military.

    Business Continuity
    As a company we provide specialist advisories for business continuity focusing on terrorist and security related incidents and tailored recovery procedures for these incidents. Our clients understand that template business continuity procedures and plans for natural disasters, industrial action, weather events and other general incidents are not relevant to most security and terrorist related incidents. These types of incidents often require a complex investigation post incident that will severely impact on business over a protracted period. Our approach is specialist and different in that a team effort is required to accurately draft, plan or review business continuity measures. We work closely with clients to ensure that procedures are understood, plans are relevant to their organization and easily implemented.

Industry Sectors in Which We Operate

We provide services in risk and resilience to clients in the following industries:
  • Critical National Infrastructure
  • Road, Rail, Aviation and Shipping
  • Urban Transit
  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Large Multi-National Organisations
  • Safe City Sites
  • Corporate Insurers
  • Hotel and Leisure Groups
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Case Study

Explosive Risk Management was contracted to deliver a risk and resilience study by a client responsible for the management and security for one of Europe’s largest financial districts housed on a secure site in a major European capital city. The location was identified by the client as a potential target for protests, demonstrations, physical attack and disruption with security procedures in place to mitigate these threats. The client requested a complete independent security review to provide assurance...