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  • Virtual Training

    Explosive Risk Management Ltd delivers hosted virtual training in a wide range of subjects. Our specialist trainers will guide delegates through training by hosting interactive learning sessions using a medium for delivery that suits the client requirement such as MS Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, Google Hangouts Meet and most other platforms. All training is designed to be undertaken on a desktop or laptop computer, tablet or smart phone as long as a reliable internet connection can be maintained for the duration of the session.

    Hosted Training

    Every training session will be hosted by a subject matter expert who will guide the delegates through the training in a structured manner fully explained by the host at the start of each session. This ensures that all delegates and especially those that are new to virtual training or have a limited knowledge of IT understand both how the session will be managed and the format of the training.

    Virtual Training in Other Languages

    Explosive Risk Management Ltd offers the ability for delegates to undertake virtual training in other languages if required. Please contact us to discuss this specialist requirement. To discuss any virtual training requirement or to find out more, please use the contact us.

    Explosive Risk Management Ltd can deliver some aspects of specialist technical training courses through hosted online training but traditional face to face instruction will be required for practical training elements of courses where the assessment of practical skills forms a key component of the course. This is especially relevant where specialist equipment skills and procedures are taught or personnel are required to demonstrate competency through practical skills such as Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) procedures or the safe handling and use of explosives.

    Please contact us to discuss any training requirement.

Hosted Training Example

  • The client nominates delegates and all are given the training session details provided by Explosive Risk Management Ltd (Time and date, log in details and full instructions on how to log in).
  • Delegates are requested to log in 10 minutes prior to the session commencing and the host will confirm that they and each delegate can hear and be heard and access the hosts screen via screen share.
  • The Session Trainer / Host will start the session by introducing themselves and their subject matter knowledge / experience and explain the format of the training session.
  • The training session will commence and run to the format discussed and agreed with the client using a shared screen with created videos and live demonstrations when required to assist with learning.
  • At the conclusion of each session or block of training, the chat facility of the training application will remain open for delegates to pose questions to the subject matter expert.
  • A copy of all questions and answers will be disseminated to all delegates after the chat window is closed.
  • If objective and recorded testing is required this will be undertaken at the conclusion of the session and results disseminated to the client within 24 hours.


Explosive Risk Management Ltd will agree the format for any required testing with the client to confirm understanding and this can be achieved through the following testing formats:
  • Online testing (Traditional questioning formats such as multiple choice questions or questions requiring written answers to testing recognition (Watching a video and identifying hazards and risks for example).
  • Traditional question papers sent and received by email.