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About ERM 2/2

Explosive Risk Management Ltd maintains a wide range of expertise within the company that stems from our ethos that our personnel are the key to our success. Our personnel are High Threat Improvised Explosive Device Disposal, Search or Security subject matter experts with extensive experience in ammunition, ordnance and explosives (OME) Counter-IED (C-IED) and Counter-Threat.This unique company expertise has been gained from service on deployed operations and homeland security posts (UK, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan). In addition to deployed operations ERM personnel have held key positions within the UK in their respective fields that identifies them as respected subject matter experts.

ERM's team of personnel are experienced in working within a multi-national environment and understand both the nuances and value of different approaches and outlooks. Collectively to date, company consultants and trainers have worked with personnel from over 50 different nations giving Explosive Risk Management Ltd a truly global focus. This allows ERM to deliver, manage or team on multi-discipline, trans-national projects within our core areas with a goal to increase client capability and resilience.

The company has a global focus that enables structured consultancy, product or training solutions to meet any client requirement or threat in any country or region. ERM specialises in the expansion of a client's capability to reduce or mitigate Counter-Hybrid Threats, increase resilience and reduce the impact of physical security related incidents to ensure rapid recovery from an attack.

Professional Affiliations
ERM staff are all members of their respective professional bodies and trade affiliations such as the Institute of Explosive Engineers, Institute of Royal Engineers, and International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators. The company is one of the founding company members of EU ExERT, a European body dedicated to the standardisation of all explosives related disciplines across Europe. With a focus on the application and transparency of National Occupation Standards. The company is also a member of ADS (Aerospace/Defence/Security) and Security Industry Technology Consortium (SITC).

ERM offers the full range of services to deliver capability encompassing the whole spectrum of counter-threat, C-IED and ammunition related disciplines through consultancy, products and training solutions for the commercial, homeland security or defence sectors. The company also has multiple routes to market for UK defence related contracts through our partner companies registered under the UK MoD FATS Scheme.

The company has a history of success across a number of multidiscipline projects and training programs with an impressive and diverse portfolio. The capability of the company is supplemented when required through a mature and extensive network of specialists drawn from academia, partner companies and individual subject matter experts. The company has an impressive track record of delivery both on time and on budget through the strict management of training programs, consultancy projects or ERM delivered project components. Where required for projects, ERM uses PRINCE 2 or AGILE to effectively project manage the requirement.

Recent Clients
Our recent clients include: UK Police Bomb Disposal Teams, British, NATO and European Military, UK Emergency Service Organisations, Special Forces, Canary Wharf Group, Large Multinational Companies, NGO's, Small and Medium Enterprises, and Specialist Equipment Manufacturers.

Our instructors have been selected for employment with the company due to their recent service as senior instructional staff at their respective specialist military or Police training schools. All are operationally current with recent experience on deployed operations and homeland security duties. Our courses are delivered by instructors that draw upon their extensive subject matter expertise to highlight teaching points using their own experience and examples to ensure full understanding of both the theory and practical elements of each course.

UK Training Location
Training can be delivered at our specialist and discrete UK training locations in Hereford or in country using our specialist deployable training teams in UK Training Locations.

Portfolio of Courses
Explosive Risk Management Ltd offers a wide range of training courses designed to cover multiple disciplines from ammunition and explosives to C-IED and other specialist subjects. Courses can be modular and progressive as part of a capability development program, or stand alone to increase capability in specific disciplines. Should specific courses be required across any area of ERM's capability that are not specifically detailed below, please contact us to discuss your requirement. Our standard courses are detailed below.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Courses
Courses complying with International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) and EU Competency Standards for personnel with a requirement to attain level 1 to level 3 qualifications in Demining, UXO Clearance, Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) Clearance and other specialist ammunition disposal competencies. To find out more about EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE DISPOSAL (EOD) COURSES please contact us.

Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) Courses
Specialist Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) courses in multiple disciplines to increase resilience for clients through structured and progressive training based on extensive operational IEDD experience in UK, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. To find out more about IMPROVISED EXPLOSIVE DEVICE DISPOSAL (IEDD) COURSES please contact us.

Special Forces IEDD Courses
Specialist courses for IEDD Operators supporting Special Forces and Special Forces personnel using IEDD and Search equipment without IEDD and Search support. Training based on extensive operational Special Forces and SWAT support experience on homeland security operations and operational deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. To find out more about SPECIAL FORCES IEDD COURSES please contact us.

Homemade Explosives Courses
Specialist and modular courses designed to provide personnel with structured training in all aspects and types of homemade explosives (HME). Courses specifically tailored for First Responders, Military Personnel, IEDD Operators, WIT Teams, Search Trained Personnel, and all Emergency Services including specialist units. To find out more about HOMEMADE EXPLOSIVES COURSES please contact us.

Search Courses
Specialist search courses in multiple disciplines from basic to advanced, hazardous environment and specialist disciplines to increase resilience for clients through structured and progressive training based on extensive subject matter expertise and operational experience. To find out more about SEARCH COURSES please contact us.

IEDD Threat Assessment Courses
A course designed specifically for personnel qualified as IEDD operators due to deploy to non-permissive theatres of operations, requiring an increase in their individual threat assessment for IEDD, or to prepare personnel for intensive High Threat IEDD training. To find out more about IEDD THREAT ASSESSMENT COURSE please contact us.

Exploitation Courses
Weapons Intelligence (WTI / WIT) Courses to allow clients to effectively map and attack the terrorist / insurgent network through structured and progressive training based on extensive recent operational experience. To find out more about EXPLOITATION COURSES please contact us.

Forensic Elecronics Courses
An Electronics Course to allow IEDD trained personnel and forensic investigators to understand the terrorist use of electronics in conventional IEDs delivered by our experienced IEDD operators and exploitation personnel. To find out more about FORENSIC ELECTRONICS COURSE please contact us.

Ammunition Technical Courses
A series of courses aimed at personnel responsible for the safe management, remediation, movement, storage and disposal of Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives (OME). To find out more about AMMUNITION TECHNICAL COURSES and CONTRACTORS ON DEPLOYED OPERATIONS COURSES please contact us.

Forensic Electronics Courses
An Electronics Course to allow IEDD trained personnel and forensic investigators to understand the terrorist use of electronics in conventional IEDs delivered by our experienced IEDD operators and exploitation personnel. To find out more about FORENSIC ELECTRONICS COURSE please contact us.

Specialist courses designed to meet the requirements of personnel deploying to hostile locations where the threat of an IED attack, mines, kidnap, civil unrest, civil war or attacks on deployed personnel are prevalent or likely. To find out more about CONTRACTORS ON DEPLOYED OPERATIONS COURSES and other Courses Offered In Counter Terrorism and Security Related Disciplines please contact us.

Explosive Risk Management Ltd is pleased to offer additional courses to enable a client the ability to approach capability development holistically providing a single training solution for all areas of requirement. This allows ERM to offer a full spectrum of training solutions covering all Counter-Hybrid Threats. Instructors comprise of former Tier 1 UK Special Forces forensic specialists and technical subject matter expertise with an excellent pedigree of delivery of bespoke and niche training in both specialist and conventional disciplines. Courses Include:

Training covers advanced medical skills, advanced driving skills, Hostile Environment Awareness Training, unarmed combat, situational awareness and training to be confident with all firearms. We guarantee that this course is the most extensive and in-depth available - preparing you for any situation whilst protecting your clients in any hostile environment.

Training covers advanced counter terror tactics, multi room combat, counter terrorism sniper drills, entry points, method of entry either covert or overt, stronghold assault, hostage release and interdiction. This course prepares specialist personnel for any situation whilst protecting clients in any hostile environment.

The HEAT Course has been designed to include everything the client needs to allow the assessment of any environment, including hostile, so they are fully versed in the skills and drills required to allow the safe freedom of movement. The course trains personnel to react to any situation in order to remove themselves and their team should the need arise. The course has been specifically designed from extensive experience using the latest lessons learnt from hostile theatres.

A full range of specialist courses for military, law enforcement and specialist personnel to train them is all aspects of combat tracking or Ground Sign Awareness (GSA). All courses in these disciplines are delivered by former Tier 1 UK Special Forces Personnel supplemented with forensic Crime Scene Investigator subject matter expertise. These series of courses are delivered by ERMs partner company CPN who are the only commercial company with recognised qualifications to teach tracking and GSA.

A full range of Professional Training Courses are offered including: IOSH, NEBOSH, PRINCE2 and APMP and are all fully accredited by the relevant bodies. OTHER SPECIALIST and BESPOKE PACKAGES COURSES please contact us.

Explosive Risk Management have delivered a wide range of bespoke courses designed to meet exact client requirements for governments and commercial companies. For more information, please contact us to discuss a requirement.

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    Consultancy, training solutions and specialist equipment provision, providing resilience to meet the threat from terrorism countering IEDs and other hybrid threats at the strategic to tactical level.

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    A full range of technical services relating to Physical Security and Stockpile Management (PSSM), Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) survey, clearance and disposal and ammunition storage management and disposal.

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    Specialist services reducing the risk to infrastructure, mass transit systems and business in fields from audit and compliance to threat reduction strategies and business continuity advisories.

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  • Virtual Training

    When face to face Virtual Training cannot be undertaken or personnel to be trained are dispersed in multiple locations, ERM delivers virtual training solutions.

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ERM offers a range of virtual training courses with assessment if required. Each course or session is designed to individual client requirements and standards. To learn more about virtual training please visit the Virtual Training Page. For enquiries regarding Virtual Training and E-learning, pleaseĀ contact us.